Can it be True? Has Ricky Williams quit smoking the wacky tabacky? It wouldn't be the first time that a spiritualistic weed head drops his habit in the name of furthering his internal growth.

Williams, who has lost nearly 30 pounds since retiring from the NFL, made the statement he had quit using marijuana in front of several people during a meeting regarding his paternity suit involving former South Florida resident Cherie Clark. Ricky said that he quit using the substance because it wasn't healthy for his ''Astro-body.'' Apparently, his travels down the road of spirituality have led him away from what was once the centerpiece of his belief structure; smoking marijuana. Either that, or this is part of some ploy to get himself back into the good graces of the Dolphins and the NFL.

Under terms of the current NFL substance-abuse policy, Ricky Williams cannot return to the Dolphins until July or else he would face a one-year suspension. Williams might still face a four-week suspension and a four-week fine if he decides to come back.

Coach Nick Saban has never ruled out the possibility of bringing back Ricky Williams. He has stated that he would be interested in bringing Ricky back if he could demonstrate that he was still of some value to the team. The Dolphins could theoretically bring him back to the team, and then trade him for mid-round draft pick.