There are so many amazing cannabis cultivators in San Fran this weekend, we decided to ask the question: What's your favorite grow tip?

Swerve: The Cali Connection breeder
"People don't realize that during the vegetative cycle, calcium and magnesium is super crucial. Build a solid foundation of nitrogen and Cal/Mag that will allow you to lead through flowering without having to add additional nitrogen. Cal/Mag is your friend!"

Check out their newest strain release, the "22"! It's a Jack cross that's all terpenes. Swerve calls it a "blaster's dream."

DJ Short: DJ Short Genetics breeder
"Instead of 12 hours on and 12 hours off during the flowering cycle, try 11 hours on and 13 hours off. You'll save money on electricity as well as improve your resin production. I find that it works especially well with tropical sativas, my favorite plants to grow, breed with and smoke."

Aaron Justis: Buds and Roses CEO
"Don't just focus on lowering costs. That's a race to the bottom. Quality is all about what makes you stand out from the rest. You can still make your margins by charging what it's worth."

Todd McCormick: Activist/Grower/Patient/Drug War Veteran/Connoissuer
"Curing is the most important thing. You have to make sure that humidity and high temperatures don't steam away the terpenes. You can actually make hemp smoke good if you dry it slowly and cure it properly. It won't get you high, but it will have the scents and flavors."

Adam Dunn: TH Seeds breeder, Hemp Hoolamb proprietor
"Investment in controlling gear can never be underestimated. The average amount of time you spend in the growroom is two hours a day. Your plants are there 24/7. Constant continuous steady temperature and humidity rates result in higher yields and sugar levels etc. Temperature swings are only good for the end of the life cycle. The last two weeks."

James Loud: Loud Seeds breeder
"The most important thing is to start with good genetics. Keep it simple by adding one new thing at a time to see the positive and negative effects of new nutrients and techniques."

Kyle Kushman: Kyle Kushman Genetics breeder
"Vaganics is the evolution of agriculture."

Scott Reach: Rare Dankness breeder
"Find the grow style that suits you. Hydro, soil, indoor, outdoor, doesn't matter, just grow because you love the plant and want to see it free."

Brian Rubin: Maryland Hydroponics (a.k.a. Brian R. of the Potomac Indica)
"1. Spend the extra money for the seeds. 2. Don't tell anyone you spent the extra money for the seeds."

"Loafmaster": Seedless Clothing proprietor
"Think green and GROW your mind!"

Madeline Martinez: World Famous Cannabis Cafe
"Cleanliness is the biggest thing. Growrooms should be sanitary to avoid pests and pesticides which is most important for the patients."