Vancouver is no stranger to the wild world of weed. Especially, since residents there learned of a mysterious Twitter user who has been planting gorgeous marijuana nugs all over the city, and then posting clues to its weedy whereabouts under the social media moniker @HiddenWeedYVR.

Now, the British Columbia city has become the stomping grounds of a stoner scavenger hunt, which according to reports, is a blatant rip off of a recent cash craze by the name of “Hidden Cash,” in which wealthy donors were hiding $100 bills all over various cities and using Twitter to feed clues to followers. However, the torch was passed from greed to weed earlier last week when Hidden Weed posted its maiden message:

“Who wants free cash when you could have free weed? Follow me to find free marijuana in Vancouver. Inspired by @HiddenCash and @HiddenCashYVR,” states a June 4, 2014 Twitter post.

Despite the harmless nature of the world’s latest ganja saga, Vancouver police say they are currently investigating the antics of Hidden Weed because there is a distinct possibility the person behind is at risk of being charged with drug trafficking.

“You could potentially face charges of trafficking if you’re intentionally leaving an illegal substance somewhere for someone to pick up, whether there’s an exchange of money for that to take place or not,” police spokesman Sergeant Randy Fincham told the National Post. “Buying, selling or possessing marijuana without a license is still a criminal offence.”

In the meantime, a total of six containers of free marijuana have been hidden in Vancouver since Sunday, with three already found. Curious followers have since questioned just how long Hidden Weed’s reign of complimentary cannabis can continue. “Until I get bored, get busted, or run out of weed,” reads a recent post.