A North Carolina school bus driver is in trouble with the law after authorities say he allowed elementary students to get stoned on the bus.

According to reports, police responded to a distress call at the Corriher-Lipe Middle School late last month, after the driver of Bus 162 -- 30-year-old Brian Overcash -- told assistant Principal Matt Krome the checkered tale of a group of young stoners chiefing reefer on the bus ride home from school. 

When officers arrived, they found Overcash squirming in the principal’s hot seat, where Krome was shaking him down with third degree jabber tactics in order to uncover the reason why he did not put in a call to 911 once the smoke started to roll.

In a statement with investigators, Overcash said that while he did, in fact, witness a pack of potheads in puberty engaged in an after school pow-wow, he did not attempt to stop them or contact the proper authorities because there was “no point” -- he knew the kids would just deny it.

Following an interrogation, one that may or may not have involved the bus driver being water boarded with bottles of juicy-juice, school resource officer Brandon Linn emerged from the principal’s office with more shocking details surrounding the incident: this was not the first time Overcash had turned a blind eye to the pot smoking escapades of homeward bound hooligans.

In fact, Overcash ratted himself out to authorities in a big way, explaining that he had likely witnessed the kids of bus 162 getting ripped on weed on at least three different occasions.

Unfortunately, Overcash was charged with four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor -- a misdemeanor offense -- and he will likely lose his job. 

Rumor has it one of the kids had this to say about his bus driver’s arrest: “Dang, now where we gonna get weed!”

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