We are not entirely sure why he is complaining, but a Seattle man is apparently upset because someone keeps sending him packages of free weed in the mail… and he wants it to stop.

According to reports, the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted the police on Monday evening to inform them of a suspicious package that had landed on his doorstep earlier in the day. When officers arrived, the discovered an envelope containing about a half-ounce of marijuana sealed in plastic.

What’s interesting is that a month earlier, the man says he received a similar packaged with “return to sender, insufficient postage” scribbled on the front, with his residence marked as the return address. Curious to find out what he had supposedly “mailed to himself,” the man opened the packaged and found a handful of weed packed in plastic wrapping.

It was not until he received the second package on Monday that the man decided it was probably in his best interest to report his marijuana mail to the cops. After all, while cannabis possession is legal in Washington State, it remains a federal offense to use the United States Postal Service to smuggle weed. In fact, had this particular situation happened in a state with stricter laws, this man would have essentially narced himself out and likely ended up in jail.

Unfortunately, the complimentary postal pot did not make it out alive. Officers reportedly confiscated the herb and shipped it off to the Evidence Unit where it was “destroyed.”

In other news, officers working in the Seattle Evidence Unit reportedly love their jobs.

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