14th Annual S.T.A.S.H. Awards
The HIGH TIMES Cultivation Department reveals the best pot-growing products available for indoor and outdoor weed farmers.


Friends in High Places
For the second year, Denver hosted the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup for a weekend full of commerce, camaraderie, debate and high spirits.


Buds on the Bayou
Our cultivation correspondent explains how to take outdoor guerrilla growing to the extreme by planting pot in swampy areas where most would fear to tread.

Story & photos by Vinnie Kaz


Death & Art in Culiacán
As Mexico’s casualty figures in their War on Drugs reaches 50,000, brutal images and artifacts are being transformed into art.

By Teun Voeten


Tissue-Culture Propagation
These principles and practices will allow home growers to easily propagate and trade their highly prized genetics.

By Greg Green


HIGH TIMES Interview with Bryan Cranston
The star of the groundbreaking series Breaking Bad discusses the requirements necessary to play a high-school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin.

By Dan Skye