Snoop is truly the ambassador of pot. As Instagram is witness, Snoopzilla spread his summer joy with musicians from around -- and we wanted to share a few of our recent favorites. Check out some winners who can say, "Snoop got me high this week":

Psy and Snoop

Snoop and Psy have a long-awaited new track coming out this week according to the South Korean pop sensation called "Hangover" -- except this time it's all about the hip-hop. Psy told TMZ he and Snoop partied hard in SK and (despite the strict ganja laws over there) that surely included some of that dank Cali Kush Snoop had to have brought overseas with him. 

Questlove and Snoop

Questlove (drummer and bandleader of The Roots) posted pictures from the legendary Roots Picnic where Snoop was a guest this weekend and dropped some not-so-subtle hints about their pastimes. Hashtags like "#SnoopMadeMe? #DresFirstSoloAlbum #2ndTimer #EeeEvvvrrryyYtthhhiinnngLlloookksssLliiikkeeThhhhiiiss" make this one a gem. Go Quest!

Paul Pierce and Snoop

Everyone knows NBA players are the biggest potheads both in-season and out. No doubt Snoop Lion took Paul Pierce for a ride.

Snoop passing "dat shit" to Snoop

"Smoke weed everyday"