Amnesia Haze bests the sativa field at the 25th Cannabis Cup.

By Anslinger

At our Thanksgiving dinner in Amsterdam at the 25th HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, an old-school grower raised a toast to our “roots in Amsterdam.” It’s an idea that the legendary grower and seed-meister Soma has long spoken spoke about. 


If you've been a grower or lover of cannabis for the past 30 years, you've most likely heard of Soma. Some call him a spiritual mentor for the marijuana movement. Certainly, he’s one of the finest organic ganja growers on earth. Hearing him speak, you might think that he emerged from the womb as a “ganja guru.” But he was “transformed,” like many of us, and after hearing his story in Amsterdam last week, I can honestly say that he's an inspiration for all who dream of growing cannabis at any level.  


Here’s a Soma timeline: Thanksgiving day marked the 27th birthday of his dreadlocks which now hang to his feet. He once lived in New York City and worked at a 9 to 5 job for IBM. That was prior to being busted for weed in South Carolina and Florida. When he first attended the Cannabis Cup in 1994, he fell in love with the “Let Live” freedoms and culture of Amsterdam. He pulled up his American stakes and has called Holland his home since 1995. This is where Soma planted his roots, in the form of Soma Seeds – his award-winning seed company.  


With a never-rush-it approach to cannabis cultivation, Soma has always spoken clearly and calmly about the spiritual- and conscious-enhancing properties the cannabis plant provides. He also gives ganja credit for improving his recent heart condition calling the herb a much better alternative to the mainstream cardiac pharmaceuticals he’s been prescribed. 


Soma claims that each and every one of us are angels trapped in this human life form and cannabis is an essential part of our journey on earth. He once said, “Cannabis might be one of the last living plants on earth that could save humanity from itself.”


Whether you agree with Soma on a spiritual level, everybody in the cannabis culture can appreciate his genetics and knowledge, which have elevated the cannabis scene – especially Amnesia Haze, this year’s winning sativa, and one of my personal favorites for over 20 years, Hindu Kush.


It's important that we remember our roots in the cannabis industry, where we first learned to grow, first planted a seed, or the first time we enjoyed the fruits of our labor.  Let’s also celebrate the other cannabis stalwarts – the genetic wizards who represent the “roots” of our community and call Holland home. Let’s give thanks to our roots in Amsterdam!