CelebStoner recently visited Jackass star Steve-O in Los Angles at his Hollywood apartment. Steve-O has two apartments - one for living and sleeping, the other for skating. That's right, his second apartment has a skating ramp right in the living room!

Steve-O attempted to explain his recent comments that he'd sworn off cocaine and nitrous oxide and is just a pothead now.

"That quote came from Miami over New Year's," he said while showing me how to make a pipe out of a Budweiser can. "I don't even know where I was. I might've been on the beach. Someone asked if I had any New Year's resolutions. Then it turned out I was reading it everywhere.

"Cocaine gets counter-productive. I was a three-days-in-a-row dude everytime. I've done my share of nitrous. That's pretty gnarly too. I did so much of that shit it doesn't even work on me anymore. I was at the dentist's over the holiday and he offered me nitrous. I said, 'Don't even bother.' I treated myself to some Ecstasy and ketamine over the holiday, but that's not cocaine or nitrous.

"I've always been a pothead. Check out my wrist, dude. I've got a potleaf tattooed on it. I got it in Paris.

"West Hollywood deprioritized weed. Technically, it's illegal. But you've gotta be a real jerk to get arrested.

"I have no urge to have a medical-marijuana card. If you get arrested for pot, it's just a ticket. it's no sweat. I think it's more exciting keeping it illegal."

Born in England and raised in Florida, Steve-O went to Ringling Brothers' "clown school" and worked in circuses before he brought his outrageous stunt comedy to MTV as a member of the Jackass team. He's starred in both Jackass movies and co-hosts MTV's animal show, Wildboyz.

In 2002, when Steve-O (nee Steven Glover) swallowed a pot-filled condom in Norway, and pooped it out and smoked the stuff in Sweden, he was arrested by Swedish authorities after bragging about his stunt in the local papers. Charged with pot and Ecstasy possession, Steve-O spent five days in a Stockholm jail and had to pay a fine.

In 2005, Steve-O showed off a bag of pot on the red carpet for 50 Cent's movie, Get Rich or Die Tryin'. Police were alerted, but decided to ignore him.

Steve-O was voted the Next Top CelebStoner by you the fans and readers of CelebStoner.com. In the first-ever CelebStoner poll, Steve-O received 42% of the votes. Montell Williams placed second (21%) and Keith Richard came in third (14%).