I know what you're thinking. Plants vs. Zombies is that kid game you play on your iPhone. The best way to explain this game is this: It's Gears of War meets Plants vs. Zombies. This third person shooter is reminiscent of Gears of War or Call-of-Duty-style multiplayer, except your playing with awesome plants. It may sound childish, but for the stoned gamer, it was the best combination! You can play both sides of the battle, playing as a plant or the zombies. You fight through wave after wave of herbal beasts or silly dead things.

You can initially play as one of four different characters. The peashooter, the cactus, chomper, and the sunflower. Each character has unique special powers, weapons, accessories, and special modes based on upgrades you either earn or purchase.

Your sunflower has healing capabilities which prove most useful, while the other playable plants are more combat oriented. Your peashooter shoots a powerful pea, but he can also transform into a rapid firing machine gun. The cactus is great because he fires sharp needles that can be upgraded to powerful fiery needles, which burning zombies to the ground. The chomper is a zombie eating machine.

One of the main ways you earn upgrades is through the sticker store. You earn coins through the different levels and use these to purchase sticker packs filled with  surprises. The different stickers are plants or zombies you can use during combat, pieces of new character upgrades, and revive cards. The sticker pack reminds us of old Garbage Pail Kids. They even allow you to collect multiple sticker pieces, which when put together, comprise a new style of your existing character. This means you can upgrade your peashooter to a frozen pod firing beast, or turn your cactus into a firebreathing needle shooter.

One thing about this game that some people may not like is that it is completely multiplayer based. You can build your own room though invitations, or play with the general public.

The game gives you a few different maps to choose from, all equal in awesomeness. You have the trailer park, the ocean shoreline, the garden town center, and you can even visit the bosses home.

Something we freaking love about this game is the fact that we can play split screen with a friend! Running through the town with our plant friend was so much fun that we played for hours. A lot of games that are being developed don't offer split screen anymore, and those who are part of a gaming couple knows it's the only way to go.

We purchased this game through the Xbox One game store. The download took forever, but we were able to start playing before it was complete and was definitely worth the buy.

Plants vs. Zombies was developed by PopCap and published by Electronic Arts. It's  currently available on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and will be available for Microsoft in June.

The Stoned Gamer is written by Alana Evans. You can find her here, and follow her at Twitter.com/AlanaEvansxxx