By Steve Bloom

The Stony Awards started as a way to celebrate marijuana and drug use in the movies. The first awards show, in 2000, was hosted by the Upright Citizens Brigade (featuring SNL's Amy Poehler) and took place at New York's Anthology Film Archives. That year's top movie was Doug Liman's Ecstasy-fueled Go.

The 2nd Annual Stony Awards show featured a tribute to Cheech & Chong (Tommy Chong accepted in person, Cheech Marin via video). We split the Best Movie category in two - one for more serious films and the other for stoner comedies. That year's winners were Traffic and Road Trip. Brian McCann ("Raymond" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien) hosted.

For the 3rd Annual Stony awards, we moved the show uptown to B.B. King's supper club. That was a watershed year for the Stonys: Snoop Dogg won two trophies (metal bongs), including one for Stoner of the Year. Other notable attendees were George Clinton and Ethan Hawke (Best Actor for Tape) and emcee Jim Breuer. The Best movie honors went to Blow and How High.

The 4th Annual Stony awards were star-studded as well, with Stoner of the Year Horatio Sanz, host Pauly Shore and presenter Dave Chapelle sharing the stage at the end of the show. Harvard Man and Super Troopers took the top movie awards. That year also saw the Stonys expand, with the addition of several TV categories.

Since that show, the Stonys have been on hiatus. But you can't hold a great awards program back, and so the Stonys are making a return as of this issue. Since we missed 2003 altogether, the 5th Annual Stony Awards cover all movies and TV shows released in 2004 up through June 2005 - 18 months, which is a nice, long period. The Stony Awards are being announced in the magazine rather than at a glitzy ceremony, and the process by which the winners are chosen is now more democratic. Winners in seven categories have been determined by voters who cast their ballots online during two weeks in July.

Check out the November issue of HIGH TIMES Magazine to see the 5th Annual Stonys Award winners, complete with their "acceptance speeches."