Problem: Hangover
Solution: Burmese Kush

HIGH TIMES Top 10 Strain, 2007

TH Seeds have earned a stellar reputation for bringing the best of California's genetics to Amsterdam and beyond. This proud tradition continues with their latest offering, the Burmese Kush (lovingly referred to as "Buku"). One of the most resinous strains available at coffeeshops in Holland, Buku is the result of crossing an authentic Burmese Kush with the clone-only OG Kush so well known in the Los Angeles area. As one might expect, the results are super "kushy," with the telltale dark green leaves and unique piney flavor inherent in the Kush family of strains.

Anyone who smokes the real-deal Kush in Cali knows its tart diesel flavor and incredibly euphoric high. Combine those with a short flowering time and easy-to-trim profile, and you'll understand why we're cuckoo for Buku. Adam from TH Seeds suggests savoring the instantaneous effects of this strain in a nice clean bong filled with ice-cold water. Sounds like the perfect wake and bake session for the morning after St. Patrick's Day!

Lineage: Burmese Kush x OG Kush
Flowering time: 7 to 8 weeks
Contact: TH Seeds