Problem: Lack of Appetite
Solution: Darkstar

Not surprisingly, there are several strains that increase the "munchie" effect.

Twenty years since starting their seed bank, Doug and Adam of TH Seeds are still innovating cannabis genetics with new material. Their latest variety Darkstar was featured in our June 2013 Strongest Strains on Earth story after testing at a whopping 22 percent THC at the 2012 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. This strain does not give up flavor for potency, providing a taste of the Hindu Kush region from whence it originated, spicy and robust with the thick smoke characteristic of it’s heritage.

This almost pure indica actually flowers a bit longer than most indicas but is well worth the extra fortnight. The easy to trim Darkstar keeps a low profile, growing short but thick branches of dense and fragrant buds. Medicinal users seeking appetite enhancement report strong cases of the “munchies” from Darkstar, which is available in regular or feminized seeds form.

Flowering time: 10 weeks
Lineage: Purple Kush [Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani] x Mazar-i-Sharif
T.H. Seeds: