Problem: Mood Swings
Solution: S.A.G.E.

TH Seeds breeder Adam named this spicy strain Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, but everyone calls it the S.A.G.E. for short. The name couldn't be more apt: S.A.G.E.'s sandalwood scent reminds us of fresh cooking herbs, and the flavor of a joint lingers on the tongue long after smoking. Try exiting the room briefly and then return to relish the rich, pungent smell that the S.A.G.E. leaves behind in her wake.

Adam says, "I have been smoking and loving the S.A.G.E for over 17 years; it's one of my favorites to breed with. There's not enough good things to say about it--if I was left on a desert island, this is ultimately the one plant I would want." The buds swell in size over the last few weeks, so be sure not to take her down too early to get the best flavor and biggest harvest. Medical users will appreciate the
S.A.G.E.'s effects in treating mood swings, hepatitis C and PTSD.

Lineage: Big Sour Holy x Afghani
Flowering time: 10 to 11 weeks
Contact: TH Seeds