Problem: Muscle Spasms or Neuropathy
Solution Strain: Crimea Blue

Crimea Blue – Barney’s Farm
2nd Place Cannabis Cup Indica, 2007

Derry and his team of Barney’s Farm bud breeders are always on the lookout for unique strains to grow out for the menus at some of Amsterdam’s finest coffeeshops. This attention to connoisseur-level detail and quality has resulted in the stabilization of a wonderful new prizewinner called Crimea Blue, a strain with a rare Ukrainian Hash Plant pedigree combined with the popular Blueberry for added flavor and improved complexity.

This indica-dominant monster plant’s cuttings root fast, respond to flowering induction quickly and grow into great yielders, producing spear after spear of beautiful buds. Scents of lemon and pine accompany a cerebral, internal high that’s perfect for creative or spiritual pursuits. My colleague Nico Escondido, the cultivation editor-at-large for HIGH TIMES, reports that Crimea Blue’s “recommended medical uses range from muscle-spasm therapy for multiple sclerosis patients to pain reduction in the neuropathy suffered by HIV/AIDS patients.” These days, Crimea Blue seeds are also available in feminized form.

Lineage: Ukrainian Hash Plant x Blueberry
Flowering time: Eight to nine weeks
Contact: Barney’s Farm