Story by Danny Danko.
Interview translated from the Spanish by Nico Escondido.
Photos courtesy of Eva Seeds

With a climate especially conducive to growing longer-flowering sativa strains—to say nothing of a free-thinking population that’s as determined to grow their own as they are distrustful of their government—Spain is in the vanguard of a new European revolution in pot freedom. New seed banks touting exotic varieties are changing the way that growers around the world are cultivating their cannabis, leading to amazing breakthroughs in ganja genetics and growing techniques.

At the forefront of this movement, Eva Seeds bring new flavors and advanced seed-feminization methods to the Spanish sensi scene. Their focus is on the connoisseur cultivator who’s more interested in enticing aromas and interesting highs than quick harvests or high yields. This emphasis on potency and taste is ultimately winning Eva Seeds the support of home-growers who are looking for more bang for their buck. HIGH TIMES spoke to Eva Seeds’ head breeder to find out more about this company and their commitment to new and interesting cannabis varieties.

What year did Eva Seeds begin?
Eva Seeds first appeared to the public in February of 2006, although we were working on strain selections and feminization procedures for years beforehand. The reality was that once we came into the market, we were received with great acceptance because of our years of prep work with these varieties.

Describe your breeding philosophy and some of your breeding seed stock.
We like to work with all types of varieties. Normally, in our crosses, there is one parent that is a pure landrace, without hybridization. We work with many different genetic lines, such as Pakistani, Afghani, sativas from Laos and South Africa, etc. In addition, we have other genetics in reserve, stock from various countries like Madagascar, Tanzania, Jamaica and India. The list of good genetics we have to work with is thus infinite, as are the possibilities of new hybrids. Our philosophy is to use potent varieties that are easy to cultivate and, above all, a good value that is accessible to all pockets and purses.