While more than 70,000 fans attended Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans last night, one man was unable to make the trip … because he got caught with pot when he was 19.


A Vancouver Island man won a free trip to the Super Bowl by beating out roughly four million players in a fantasy football league sponsored by Bud Light Canada.


The man, Myles Wilkinson, arrived at the airport in Toronto last Thursday ready for his trip to the states when he was informed by US customs agents that he would not be allowed to enter the country because they discovered a marijuana possession conviction dating back to 1981.


That’s right. A 32-year-old pot possession case prevented Mr. Wilkinson from entering the United States.


The details of Wilkinson’s run in with the law at the age of 19 make this story even more incomprehensible. He wasn’t smuggling tons of weed over the border. According to Wilkinson, he got caught with two grams of pot and was fined $50.


Apparently similar denials of entry into the US are fairly common. According to a decriminalization advocacy group, “There’s hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have these criminal records for small amounts of cannabis and that results in a lifetime ban for accessing the US.”


As for Wilkinson, he was invited to watch the game at Bud Light Canada’s Super Bowl party at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom.

We hope he got very, very high.
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