After rigorously testing hundreds of pot varieties all year (nice work if you can get it!), HIGH TIMES proudly unveils the annual list of our10 favorite herb strains from around the planet. Behold our “honor roll” of the amazing cannabis that rocked our world in 2009. Then get some of these seeds, grow them out, and let us know what you think of our picks.
Dr. Greenthumb

(Pictured above)

The legendary Cinderella 99, known as “the Cindy” for short, is once again available in seed form for anyone to experience. The Doc tells me that his “C-99/Cinderella is a selection from the most potent we’ve ever found in our tests with original Cinderella F1 seeds and their progeny. No C-99 we have tested has even come close to the resin production and high THC content on this special plant.” The terpene profile gives it a lime-pineapple smell with plenty of back end. Even though it’s slightly on the sativa side, C-99 still yields exceptionally well, especially outdoors. Give Cindy a ride – you won’t be disappointed.

Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
Contact: Dr. Greenthumb, 613-330-2404,
Romulan x Hash Plant
Next Generation Seed Company

Medicinal patients seeking strong sedative effects from their marijuana should look no further than the Romulan x Hash Plant from this outstanding Canadian company, which has been turning out prize-winning genetics for years. The piney flavor and short flowering time make this a super-desirable variety as well. The frosty Rommy HP is also great for making bubble hash – just be sure to smoke the hash at night, since it’s a notorious “day wrecker” when consumed during working hours. Set your vaporizer for stun, pack in some Romulan x Hash Plant and get ready for the “trek” of your life.

Flowering time: 7 to 8 weeks
Contact: Green Life Seeds,
BC Mango
BC Bud Depot

Strains from Western Canada tend to grow reliably and resist common pests, molds and maladies due to the harsh environment for which they were bred. One unique flavor from the Great White North is the BC Mango from BC Bud Depot, an indica-dominant variety that’s great for indoors but yields incredibly outside. She stays short and stocky and tastes similar to mango chutney, with the pungent aroma of ripe, sweet fruit. A perfect strain for the beginner or intermediate grower, BC Mango grows uniform in stature, with little variation among phenotypes. Try some of the best that British Columbia has to offer.

Flowering time: 7 to 9 weeks
Contact: BC Bud Depot,
Diesel Ryder Feminized
The Joint Doctor

Strains that flower automatically no matter what light cycle they’re under are all the rage among some growers, and the Joint Doctor has been at the forefront as the original breeder of Lowryder. Now he’s provided the world with feminized auto-flowering for the first time with Diesel Ryder, a cross of the Lowryder and Soma’s NYC Diesel. The Diesel heritage provides the power sometimes lacking in varieties with ruderalis traits. This strain typically grows into one main cola and begins flowering automatically at three to four weeks. The short overall flowering time makes it perfect for high altitudes and northern climates with short seasons.

Flowering time: 6 to 8 weeks
Contact: High Bred Seeds,
Lemon Skunk
DNA Genetics

The DNA boys took the cannabis world by storm several years ago, and they continue to produce high-quality, award-winning hybrids with potency and flavor. Their new Lemon Skunk, a mostly sativa strain specifically selected for its “zesty lemon characteristics,” is an easy-to-grow masterpiece of genetic achievement. She grows tall yet sports a high calyx-to-leaf ratio, making for colas that are easy to trim and a joy to smoke. Sweet, fruity and covered with bright orange hairs, Lemon Skunk packs a potent punch, with an uplifting high that seems to have no ceiling. This citrus strain definitely boasts an illustrious pedigree, and awards at harvest festivals are sure to follow.

Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
Contact: DNA Genetics,
The Church
Green House Seeds

The most highly awarded company in cannabis just keeps knocking them out of the park and shows no signs of slowing down. The Church, a combination of Swiss Sativa, Skunk, Super Skunk and Northern Lights, provides a spicy, peppery flavor with hints of lavender and power to spare. Endorsed by Snoop Dogg himself, this resinous strain is renowned for its resistance to mold, making it perfect for soggy or foggy regions. When grown out in large containers, these feminized seeds develop into stocky bushes with very little space between internodes, confirming their indica-dominant heritage. Now you don’t have to pray for a great harvest; just order some seeds and find out what the Church is all about.  

Flowering time: 9 weeks
Contact: Green House Seeds,
TH Seeds

If you’re looking for a powerful indica with great flavor and odor, look no further than the A-Train from stalwart seed company TH Seeds. It’s the Mazar-i-Sharif crossed with the famous Arcata Trainwreck known as the E-32 cut, and the resulting hybrid has been wowing visitors to Amsterdam for a couple of years. Anyone who’s tried the original Trainwreck knows the unique flavor and mind-numbing potency of that NoCal staple, and this combination with the Afghani Mazar gives A-Train a kick all its own. This one’s bound to win some awards in the near future. So if you want a truly jazzy smoke, take the A-Train!

Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
Contact: TH Seeds,
Space Bomb
Subcool Seeds and TGA

Team Green Avenger strikes again in their quest to provide quality genetics for cannabis connoisseurs and medical patients worldwide. The Space Bomb consists of Subcool’s Tiny Bomb female fertilized by the Space Dude male to create a super-resinous hybrid. The phenos tend to lean toward their sativa-esque C-99 or Romulan heritage, with both growing tall and branchy for decent harvests indoors or out. Subcool says the Space Bomb “tastes like sour candy, with a fruity and prevailing funk, and works well for pain relief.” TGA Seeds can also be found at Hemp Depot and the Ontario Seed Bank, as well as many dispensaries in California and Colorado.

Flowering time: 6½ to 7½ weeks
Contact: Subcool Seeds (TGA),
Vancouver Island Seed Company (VISC)

VISC, a recent addition to the HIGH TIMES Seed Bank Hall of Fame (HT Aug. ’09), consists of cannabis couple K and G. Their GSPOT strain, named for G (get it? “G’s pot”), is one of their strongest indica-dominant selections. G tells me, “This one’s my personal favorite – ass-kicking weed whose extreme potency demands consideration. She grows dense bud upon bud rigid with resins, and her purple-streaked stalks and leaf stems add a visual display as pleasing to your eye as her hashy, extremely intense flavor.” The many trichomes are great for either vaporizing or extracting. Make sure to find and touch the GSPOT sometime soon.

Flowering time: 6 to 8 weeks
Contact: Vancouver Island Seed Company,
Canna Sutra
Delta-9 Labs

True connoisseurs know the many stimulating effects of sativas, including the ability of that telltale, uplifting high to sometimes inspire sensual thoughts and feelings. Ed and Harry from Delta-9 Labs crossed Reclining Buddha with Sensi Star to create the Canna Sutra, a strain that elevates and stimulates the mind … and so much more. The smoke is smooth and soft and leaves behind a wonderful incense-like smell in its aftermath. When growing, give Canna Sutra a good amount of space for the roots and plenty of room to breathe. She’ll reward you with a bounty of bodacious buds perfect for a quiet, romantic evening with a special friend.

Flowering time: 9 weeks

Contact: Delta-9 Labs,