Sliding through airport security with a small stash of weed might get you busted, but attempting to smuggle several suitcases loaded up with more than 80 pounds of marijuana… well, that will most likely get you busted.

Just ask the Transportation Security Administration officers who were on duty at the Oakland International Airport last Friday, when a woman attempted to discreetly sneak 81 pounds of marijuana in her checked luggage.

Nico Melendez, a spokesperson for TSA, said that 26-year-old Anastasia Murdock might have been a bit overly ambitious when she set out to transport such a hefty load of marijuana from Oakland back to her home in Jackson, Mississippi. Although the TSA is not responsible for searching the luggage of travelers for illegal contraband, like “marijuana, cocaine or child pornography,” they are required by law to contact the local authorities if anything is found,” according to Melendez.

In this case, all officers had to do was open the luggage to discover Mrs. Murdock was attempting to use US Airways to smuggle copious amounts of weed across the country. “The bags were opened and checked for explosives because that’s our mandate,” said Melendez, adding that luggage screeners do not actively search for drugs.

Law enforcement officials say the probability of getting caught moving large amounts of marijuana through any of America’s airports is highly likely. “Even if it’s vacuumed sealed, it’s still going to give off an odor,” said Sergeant Ray Kelly of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department during a recent interview with KTVU. “You wouldn’t have to be a genius to know there are drugs in that bag.”

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Mrs. Murdock while she waited for her flight in the terminal. When police asked her about the 81 pounds of marijuana that TSA officers found stuffed in her luggage, rumor has it she was agitated and asked, “What the hell happened to the rest of it?”

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