A UK man who shouted out for police assistance after cannabis had been stolen from his home was arrested, convicted and ridiculed by the court that sentenced him. The story began last October 9 when four baseball bat-wielding burglars came to the West Yorkshire residence of Aaron Chambers, 31, to seize the cannabis they heard he had been growing there.

According to the prosecutor, “A member of the public called police saying there was a man shouting for police … When they arrived he was in the house and told officers someone had broken into his house and stolen his cannabis. There was a hydroponics growing room in the cellar with six fully grown plants and three smaller ones.”

The prosecution reported 524 grams were confiscated (over 18 ounces), with an estimated street value of £4,400 ($7,203).

Chambers admitted to a charge of producing pot, a “Class B” drug in the UK, and he was fined and sentenced to three months of drug rehab.

Prior to his sentencing, Chambers was called “ridiculous” at an earlier hearing by his own attorney for calling out for the cops. Later, at his sentencing, magistrate Barry Bedford told Chambers: “What you’ve done has been daft.”

Until pot is legalized in the UK, it appears cannabis growers are on their own, no matter the circumstances.