Cadaver Dogs will tear off your eyelids, slip into your synapses, and chew up your brain with all the smooth ferocity of a black mamba on bath salts.

They’re already taking over your consciousness, and there is nothing you can do about it.


After releasing a pair of feral EPs since their 2010 inception, the Dogs are set to deliver their highly-anticipated full-length debut album, superloose, later this year – a mesmerizing array of delirium-inducing rock ragers and kaleidoscopic freak-outs for those adventurous enough to walk the line. This ain’t no ordinary fucking music – it’s a high-octane rock & roll hallucination.


One live show is all it takes to cause a frothing first-timer to be carried off in fits of rabid ecstasy. Though the Dogs have built an impressive army of faithful converts through steadfast national touring, they’ll continue pounding pavement and twisting brain cells until there’s no one left to corrupt.


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