Lead Stones are a three-piece psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Dark pounding drum-and-organ drones underpin sunny harmonies, jangling 12-string melodies, and vintage synth mantras. The Stones draw from 1960s New York heroin blues and 90s shoegaze to create a sound that is moody and misanthropic, wistful and melancholic.


Lead Stones are comprised of drummer Tom Vigliotta, organ/synth wizard Andy Plovnick, and singer/guitarist Bryan Quinn. The band spent the last year playing around the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Their eight-song debut album, Set and Setting, was released by The Electrick Gypsy Service and sold out its first run in 2011. Lead Stones instituted a unique name-your-own-price policy for digital downloads of Set and Setting. According to the band’s website, you can pay “any amount you desire… including zero.” A new seven-inch single is due out in late spring 2012.


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