This big, hearty and diverse homegrown band out of San Francisco’s Bay area will have you shaking your moneymaker before you can say “Oola Rocksteady.”


Self-managed and self-produced, Oola Rocksteady began as a four-piece in 2008, performing at local bars and developing a reputation for a raging good time. Since then, the group has multiplied and now brings as many as 12 members to the stage at any given show.


As the band gained momentum and members, the sound developed into something entirely unique. Founder Michael Crays’s socially driven, flowing lyrics eventually evolved into ukulele-backed poetic melodies that span a dynamic range.


When Annessa joined the group in 2009, she teamed up with Jeff Littlefield to create some fan favorites. In 2011, Mark Ramirez and Nikki Danger came aboard and pushed Oola Rocksteady to the next level, defining their sound with vivacious effects and guitar- melting riffs.


Oola Rocksteady is:
Mike Crays - Vocals/Ukulele
Annessa - Vocals/Keys
Mark Ramirez - Guitar
Nikki Danger - Guitar
Chris Carlos - Bass
Jeff Littlefield - Sax
Josh Bird Johnson - Drums
Travis Whalen - Percussion
Cameron Coulter – Vocals
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