America’s Sweetheart:

Three girls and one boy who will try almost anything – sweeter than lollipops and more bubbly than the fairy in the absinthe – they get it together and give it over to you in three-chord groovy merriment. Everybody sings and claps hands and comes together in a thrilling, nearly orgiastic rock n’ roll spectacle. You can’t say no to the seduction!


Hailing from NYC, America’s Sweetheart's sound is like a sexy flashback to the hot rock of the 70’s and 80’s. Some compare the band to Blondie, The B-52’s and The Breeders, but the band has their own distinct sound: expect charged up sassyness and the unmistakable echoes of a girl rock ensemble.


America’s Sweetheart always hits the stage with a flood of energy and undeniably catchy, sing-along, radio-friendly songs. With titles like “Rainbow Party,” “Cute But Dumb,” and “Liquid Center,” the Sweethearts aim to please not just the go-go girl in you but the bad girl in you too!


Valerie Germain started the band in the late 90’s with bassist and vocalist Anastasia Kinsella working with several drummers along the way. In late 2003, Trish, enticed by the sound of the melodies and smart lyrics, joined up. By February of 2004 the band released its first CD Firecracker. Soon after they met producer Godfrey Diamond at the beer-soaked Siberia Bar in NYC. In late 2006 the girls, joined by guitarist CT, released Rainbow Party, lovingly crafted by the Grammy-nominated magic-man Godfrey.


The Sweethearts haven’t missed a beat, or a step, or a cheer, and continue to write sharp new material. Since 2004, the band has been touring the Eastern seaboard, the Deep South, and the Midwest. Ready to entice audiences with their flat-out commitment to having a good time, America’s Sweetheart means rock and roll business!

America’s Sweetheart is:

Valerie Germain: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Trish Naudon: Drums, Vocals
CT: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Paris Mancini: Bass, Vocals
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