Imagine the feeling you get the moment you put on your favorite band and all your problems seem to drift away. That feeling is spreading across the Baltimore area thanks to Pasadena.


Formed in 2000 by lead singer Joey Harkum and drummer Ben Cowdery in their hometown of Pasadena, Maryland, the band's popularity has grown as they have gone from playing in small bars in Pasadena to performing for sold out crowds at Sonar nightclub in Baltimore as well as other bars and venues in the surrounding area.            


Over the past few years Pasadena has provided smooth bass lines, emotional lyrics, intricate rhythms, and beautiful harmonies that have helped create an unbreakable bond with their fans.


Pasadena believes in freedom of expression and by composing and performing their original music they liberate themselves from any struggle or conflicts they may face. Thanks to the heart and soul poured into each and every song, Pasadena’s music has inspired an ever-growing fan base.


You can anticipate great things from Pasadena in the future, and don't be surprised when you hear their influential music in your town soon.


Pasadena is:

Geoff Burroughs: Trumpet

Cory Streett: Drums

Will Finley: Lead Guitar

Joey Harkum: Lead Vocals

Aaron Hooper: Bass

Matthew Richey: Lyrics

Marc Wigg: Lyrics

Ray Wroten: Vocals


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