Psychedelphia is a four-piece psychedelic / progressive jazz-fusion band based in the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. Although not classified as a 'jam band,’ they have quickly taken the jam scene by surprise, incorporating elements few have thought to bring to the table. As many new listeners are finding that Psychedelphia is one of the best groups in the jam band scene, it’s no surprise their fan base is growing rapidly.


While these fans, who have dubbed themselves as "Illes" (yes, that's Psychedelphia Illies), await Psychedelphia's highly anticipated full-length studio record – due for release in the spring of 2010, many live bootlegs have made their way out as far as San Francisco. These "Illies" continue to follow this group all over the Northeast for late night/sunrise sets that demonstrate the band’s ability to take music in a new direction.


A tour is in the works to support the upcoming release, and fans will not be disappointed with Psychedelphia’s live show. The energetic and improvisational performances are certain to leave audiences wanting more.


Psychedelphia is a group dedicated to carrying on the tradition of bands like the Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, Phish, and Bela Fleck. Keep on the lookout for Psychedelphia in your area in 2010.


*Band photo copyright Dan Savage Photography

Psychedelphia is:
Alden Parker: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Kenn Mogel: Lead Guitar, Vocals

John Olsen: Bass

Adam Pasqueal: Percussion
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