Strut is difficult band to describe. Their sound is not limited by the boundaries of genre, as they seamlessly shift from funk to ska to punk to jam-rock at times isolating a style, other times incorporating many in a groove stew. The complexity of their sound derives in part from their eclectic musical influences (everything from Operation Ivy, the Chili Peppers, Sublime and Tribe Called Quest to The Clash, Talking Heads and Modest Mouse) as well as their background.


Each of the five members of Strut was raised on The Farm - a commune dedicated to non-violent, eco-friendly living, founded by Stephen Gaskin in 1971 in Summertown, TN. And just like The Homegrown Band - a.k.a. THB - before them (also from The Farm), Strut is ready for harvest.


The band, made up of brothers Casey (guitar) and Elijah Cramer (bass/vocals), Biko Casini (percussion/vocals), Agent Ishi (vocals) and Patrick Thomas (drums), just released their second album, Non-Hostile Takeover, the long awaited follow-up to the 2003 debut, About Time. Coming off a heavy touring schedule in 2005, culminating with three sets at Bonnaroo, Strut is spreading the word from coast to coast and picking up loyal fans along the way.


Listening to Strut play live, you’re immediately struck by the vitality and depth of their vocals as well as the airtight interplay of their instruments. The band believes growing up together has developed in them a near telepathic means of communication. One thing’s for certain, they have the power to get you out of your seat and dancin’.


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