Wax and Herbal T

While a vast array of mark ass haters continue to insist that Wax and Herbs fell off after their band, MacGregor, stopped playing shows, the truth is that they've spent the last two years writing and recording songs for their new album Grizzly Season. The album is an onslaught of funk, hip hop, and randomness of such a high caliber that it could only have come from the two greatest minds of our time, Wax and Herbal T. Feel free to partake in this magical journey!


Wax and Herbal T are twin brothers and grew up writing songs together from a very young age.  Now in their twenties, they are still writing, recording and performing together constantly.  Their music has been described as funked-out hip hop with an occasional touch of rock and/or R&B.  Lyrically the topics range from sex to drugs to love to life in general…and, of course, to the dismembering of whack MCs.  Most of the songs on Grizzly Season are very danceable and party friendly, so pop it in at your next barbeque and feel the oh-so-beautiful vibe!!


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