1) To be unlike others. 2) To do something different. Interesting name considering those who are familiar with ZuhG’s music find that they can only describe the band’s style as unique, and unlike anything they’ve ever heard before.


ZuhG first appeared on the music scene headed by Bryan Nichols in 2004 as the laid-back acoustic band, Bonfire. Frequenting the local coffee shops, high school auditoriums and occasional bookstores, they gained a plethora of fans along the way.


As time passed ZuhG continued cycling through friends who’d play different instruments. With each new member came something new and different. The band evolved, contouring their sound over time, shaping their craft, though never straying far from their laid back vibes. With an organic, soulful sound that explores the caverns of consciousness, the band’s passions come alive in their music.


This easy living ensemble formed what is now one of the most versatile underground bands in Northern California. After so much change, they felt it was time for a fresh start and a name that truly reflected their newly adapted sound. In 2007 ZuhG was born. With a unique sound combining funk, rock, and jazz, most found it hard to define ZuhG, which is exactly what these boys were shooting for. Their diversity has even brought them several award nominations.


To follow up their most recent Sammie (Sacramento Area Music Awards) nomination  in March 2009, ZuhG released their highly anticipated sophomore full-length album, ZuhG Life – featuring songs “Green Shoe Kick Drum,” “One Up” and “Lately.” 


With another hard earned nomination and album under their belt, ZuhG heads out on a month long tour in April beginning 4/20 weekend in Humboldt County, then working their way to Santa Cruz.


No one knows what is in store for this talented bunch but one thing is for certain: they’re sure to be unlike others… to do something different and keep people dancing in every city they play. Make sure you catch ZuhG on the road!



ZuhG is:
Bryan Nichols: Vocals, Guitars
Matt Klee: Drums
Bot: Saxophone, Keys
Justin Vance: Bass
Visit ZuhG at: