There was a rare celebrity sighting at last night's High Times-Vanity Fair softball match: Tom Hanks. Yes, Forrest Gump was at the game. No kidding. His redheaded daughter Liz plays for the Veefers. Before the game I asked him if he was going to play. He said he hadn't in a while. Then he and his younger son camped out on a rock in foul territory and watched the game.

He must've been proud of the Veefers, who beat the Bonghitters 8-5 on their home field in New York's Central Park. Liz Hanks went 0 for 3, but the Veefers' awesome display of power - 2 HRs by their slugging centerfielder Justin Bishop - was enough to cause an outage for the Bonghitters, who grabbed an early 2-0 lead, lost it, then tied the game 4-4 in the 6th. But a 4-run VF explosion in the bottom of the inning sunk the Bonghitters, now 6-2.

Like last year, the teams split their two games. The Bonghitters beat the Veefers 13-4 on May 24.

The Bonghitters extended road swing continues next Thursday against Business Week, who they defeated 12-8 on May 9.