Miley Cyrus, who recently turned 18, is featured in a video released by TMZ hitting a bong and laughing uncontrollably at her home in L.A. surrounded by friends – one of whom is seen eating out of a box of Frosted Flakes.


Despite the munchies and general giddiness, the bong in the clip was reportedly packed with salvia, a psychedelic herb that is still legal in California. Cyrus’s behavior in the video certainly seems to back up the salvia claim. After hitting the bong, Cyrus says to the camera, “Ok, I’m going to lose it now,” and later, “Having a little bit of a bad trip.”


Toward the end of the two and a half minute clip, Cyrus begins speaking unintelligibly and laughing while a friend can be heard to say, “You’re gonna shit a brick when you see this!”


Okay, this is not really news. It’s an 18 year old experimenting with drugs and acting stupid with her friends. But we can’t not show you a clip of a celebrity hitting a bong. Even if the bong happens to contain salvia. And even if the celebrity is Miley Cyrus. It’s our duty. And it would be cruel to withhold it. So, please enjoy. 


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