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NORML is honored to have the exclusive on a brand new comedy CD/DVD called, 'Pot's Greatest Hits: A Stash of Standup Comedy CD'.

Many months ago comedian and producer Lee Allan contacted NORML inquiring about cannabis-related comedy albums. While all agreed that there are lots of terrific pot-related comedy bits to be sure, from Cheech-n-Chong to George Carlin to Dave Chapelle, there was no single collection of cannabis-related standup comedy routines.

No longer! Starting today for a $25 donation, you will receive a genuinely funny and contemporary comedy CD featuring some of today's best comedians, including many from the cast of 'The Marijuana-Logues'.

You can get this exclusive offer at:

All of your donations for 'Pot's Greatest Hits' go directly to NORML's
cannabis law reform efforts and cannabis consumer advocacy.

-Free DVD-
Also, if you donate to NORML now and order 'Pot's Greatest Hits', you'll receive a FREE bonus DVD with hysterical behind-the-scenes footage from the live tapings of these stand-up comedic acts in Hollywood.

I've listened to the CD and really enjoyed the sharp wit, political and cultural commentary. My favorite comedy bit: The need for there to be a movie like 'Sideways' for cannabis consumers.

Spot on stuff!

NORML thanks Lee Allan and Ardustry Home Entertainment for collaborating with NORML and helping to raise needed funds for the organization's important law reform work.

Please make a $25 donation to NORML today and get early access to a very funny comedy album, and free DVD, that is currently available only to NORML's supporters.

To get 'Pot's Greatest Hits' check out:

You can also call 888-67-NORML.

Thanks for your support of NORML and enjoy,

-Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director
Member, board of directors