The DEA just sent letters to Seattle-area medical marijuana dispensaries warning that, if they are within 1,000 feet of a school, they’re subject to criminal prosecution. Some are closing; others are relocating. But the “school zone” clause, which every medical marijuana state seems to embrace, is a ludicrous concept.


Obviously, we don’t want children to have access to cannabis. But we know of no child who has ever pulled a fast one on a dispensary. How could they even get past the front door? Or how about ordinary drug stores that sell every pharmaceutical poison under the sun? Do kids ever bamboozle the pharmacist? And liquor stores are pretty damned vigilant about not selling to minors.


As a matter of fact, beer is sold everywhere. So are cigarettes. Kids see this stuff every day. Both are illegal for minors to possess – and are far more dangerous than cannabis.


We’d just like to see the same rules applied to everyone. Which means that all schools should immediately be relocated to the Mojave Desert. Just to protect the kids.


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