Careful with any leftover weed you might have after a trip to the mile-high city! One visitor left a small amount of pot and a bubbler pipe behind when he checked out of the Hyatt Place Denver/Cherry Creek, and was billed $200 by the hotel.

"I figured I'd leave it behind on the desk in case the maid wanted it. You know, positivity," "Louis" told the Post's marijuana lifestyle site The Cannabist.

Louis called the hotel and was told he'd been charged for toking up in his room, even though Louis claims he never lit up indoors, only outside.

"They said it stunk up the room and they couldn't use it for two days," he told the Cannabist. "That's ridiculous. I didn't even smoke in the room."

Louis made a stink on Twitter and caught the attention of the hotel chain's concierge account, who eventually got in touch with the Denver hotel and persuaded them to drop the charge.

Louis said he never would have left the herb behind if he'd known it would lead to such a buzzkill.

Long story short, don't try to tip the maid in weed when in Denver, it could end up costing you more than you think.