Ricki Lake and her partner Abby Epstein are trying to raise awareness about the medicinal values of cannabis and are making a documentary called Weed the People. Ricki has had many titles in the entertainment business from talk show host (Emmy award winning), to actress, and filmmaker. I would add “social activist” to that list with her roster of films which include The Business of Being Born, Breast Milk, and Weed the People. 

Ricki’s passion for medicinal cannabis began two years ago when he husband was looking for alternative therapies for his grandfather who was fighting bone cancer. Ricki and her husband realized the medicinal benefits of this plant and wanted to document real life success stories. 

I met Ricki and Abby a few years ago at the ASA conference in DC where they were filming and interviewing patients from all over the country. I remember Ricki walking into the room of scientist and doctors and boldly saying “We need money for this film!” She is a spitfire of courage and passionate about things she believes in. Last year Ricki attended the Denver US HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup with her husband Christian (who is also  a producer of Weed the People) and has been connecting with people in the medical industry to get their stories told in the film for the last two years. 

Weed the People takes an unflinching look at the underground world of cannabis medicine following patients (specifically children with cancer) on their journey using cannabis. Sophie , one of the film’s starts, was diagnosed at 8 months with an inoperable brain tumor. She has been using cannabis oil and has unheard of results. These tumors traditionally show little to no decrease in size and Sophie’s is literally disappearing with the use of medical cannabis oil.  

There is an Indiegogo campaign that was launched this week to help raise money to finish the film and bring the message of medical cannabis benefits to the masses. There are lots of cool “perks” including hanging out with Ricki, premier tickets, producer credits, and sponsoring a child for one year of cannabis treatment. This film will bring a whole new light to an issue that so desperately needs mainstream attention. 

Donate now to help this cause! To follow Sophie’s progress using medical cannabis go to: https://www.facebook.com/PrayersForSophie


If you or someone you know has a child who is kicking cancer with cannabis you can share your story at facebook.com/weedthepeoplemovie for a chance to have their story told in the film. 

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