Is Velveeta’s social media manager smoking some of the good stuff? This week, Uproxx and then Jezebel took note of the cheese product’s Instagram weirdness, so we checked it out and boy, it sure does seem like some good old-fashioned stoner humor.

On May 9, a pic of a grinning silver fox appeared on the Liquid Gold’s Instagram feed. He’s mixing up a batch of chocolate goo, and the caption reads: “#MothersDay so I'm making Cheesy Chocolate Dip. Yes, it's another dish to wash but you did technically raise my kids.”

Um, that sounds like a stoner snack to us! Velveeta and chocolate? Then another photo of the same smiling fellow appeared in the feed, this time captioned: “I wanted to make #MothersDay special, so I'm wrapping a towel around the bread before I slice it into Grilled Cheeses.”

Dude, you are so thoughtful! And then, to get really weird, a pic of our man snuggled up in bed with a beautiful woman and a block of Velveeta appeared, with the words: “I'm bringing to you a pro-marriage #tip. My wife and I like our cheese the way we like our 300-thread-count bed sheets: warm, velvety smooth and in our bed with us.

Aaaaalrighty then! We’re guessing that whoever’s in charge of the social media outreach is attuned to cannabis culture, because we think this is highly funny. @EatLiquidGold, we here at @HIGH_TIMES_Mag salute you!