I was having problems connecting with the vibes for the ceremonies. The Temple Dragon Crew was having dinner the second night when I finally broke through. I looked over at Anthony and said, "You're an owl." Once I got tuned in, I started to pick up on other people's animal totems.
When the coffeeshops started coming around to register, the weed was very impressive. Two or three strains were a little green, but most were well-cured and ready to smoke.
The code for the jars were taken from the names of North American animals, insects, birds, and fish.
"Don't pay attention to the names," I told the celebrity judges after they'd been judging in the Temple for a few hours. "It's just a code."
"You're wrong," said John Trudell, this year's inductee into the Counterculture Hall of Fame. "They do mean something."
I went down to Mission Control where the names were being added to the jars.
"Do the names mean anything?" I asked the crew.
"Yes," they all said in unison. Then Jet and Larry explained the plants had told them what name to pick.