• Perhaps South Dakota will become the 15th state to legalize the use of medical marijuana. Earlier this week the South Dakota Coalition for Compassion submitted 32,000 signatures to state election officials – 17,000 signatures are required to place a measure on the ballot.


Officials will now begin verifying the signatures that resulted from over a year of pavement pounding. If the final tally meets the state’s requirement, South Dakotans will be able to vote for medical marijuana in the November election. …More @ ksfy.com


• Mexican soldiers discovered more than 15 tons (over 35,000 pounds according to some reports) of pot in a truck in San Felipe, Mexico. Officials still are unclear on where the load was headed. The pot was hidden behind cookie boxes and “grease and garlic” were used to attempt to mask the smell. Reports place the street value of the haul between $18 and  $27.8 million. The driver of the truck was to earn about $3,900. …More @ signonsandiego.com, or, for photos of the confiscated cannabis – including a surreal shot of the driver with his cargo, check out kpbs.org


• A woman expecting a computer got a surprise delivery Tuesday: 45 pounds of pot. Turns out, the box was intended for a neighboring home. Police attempted a second delivery but the addressee didn’t bite. Authorities estimate the marijuana is worth $35,000. More @ salisburypost.com