On Sept. 18, 2006, Louisiana state troopers boarded Willie Nelson's tour bus and arrested the legendary country singer, his sister Bobbie, road manager Dave Anderson and two drivers for possessing a total of 1.5 pounds of pot and three ounces of magic mushroom. Not nice.

Today (Apr. 24), Nelson and Anderson pled guilty to the charges and both received $1,024 fines and six-months' probation. Charges against Bobbie Nelson and the drivers were dismissed.

Nelson actually was given a 60-day jail sentence, which was suspended.

After his surprise appearance in St. Martin Parish Court in St. Martinville (the arrest took place in nearby Breux Bridge, in the heart of cajun country), the CelebStoner was back on the road again.

Now Nelson will be able to truly enjoy his 74th birthday, which he celebrates on Apr. 30.