Random Acts of KINDness with Ana Montana

Sponsored by The Kind Pen

In a world where uncertainty reigns and many folks are down on their luck, media star Ana Montana took the very meaning behind The Kind Pen brand to the streets of Los Angeles, making one person’s life better through a random act of kindness.

Ana spent a January day at Venice Beach looking for just the right person to bestow kindness on. She found a friendly face in Wayne, who is currently living without a home in Los Angeles. Ana spent the day with Wayne, and heard his story—an all-too-familiar one in these difficult times.

Wayne ended up homeless in Los Angeles after a long cross-country journey. Originally from South Carolina, where he worked as a truck driver, Wayne left his friends and family behind when he was laid off, moving to Texas to work at a mill. After a stretch of employment in the Lone Star State, Wayne was laid off once again—but instead of heading home without work or money, he headed to California to seek a living.

Wayne arrived in Los Angeles last year, with every single thing he owned packed into his car. He parked on a downtown street to sleep in his vehicle for the night, thinking he’d be safe in a free parking spot. Unbeknownst to him, he’d chosen a bad area to overnight in—LA’s infamous Skid Row. Late at night, Wayne was awoken by a group of people who robbed him of everything he had—wallet, papers, even the car itself. Homeless and poverty-stricken, Wayne couldn’t bring himself to contact his family. He told Ana that, accustomed to being a provider, he has too much pride to explain his circumstances and ask for help. So once again, Wayne turned west, making his way to the Pacific ocean to reflect on his life and try to find his footing once more.

And so, happily, Ana and Wayne met. When Ana asked Wayne if he’d accept The Kind Pen’s offer of new clothing, a meal, and a room for the night. Wayne replied that he wasn’t asking for help or handouts, but that he’d be happy to receive kindness. Check out the video for highlights from Ana and Wayne’s day!

It doesn’t take much to change someone’s life for the better. It can truly happen in just a day. The world is only as strong as its weakest links, so let’s work to lift each other up and make each other stronger.

This is just the beginning of The Kind Pen campaign. Check back monthly for new stories from the award-winning portable vaporizer company.

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