Catch Episode Two of Reefer Radio on SiriusXM

Tune in tomorrow, Saturday, July 26, for the second episode of Reefer Radio Presented by HIGH TIMES on SiriusXM channel 102 at 10am EST (replays at 9pm EST).

Managing editor Jen Bernstein (@nycjamgal) and entertainment director Mike Hughes (@mikehughes_) discuss HIGH TIMES’ October 2014 cover story about Pot Jobs and how to get started in cannabusiness. Plus, we hear from super stoner Wiz Khalifa, HT senior cultivation editor Danny Danko explains a strain, Wendy Weediquette shares proper bowl smoking etiquette and Mike and Cristina Palumbo (@cristinapalumbo) play the first ever round of HIGH-Q!

Wake & bake with us!!

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