High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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Nico’s Nuggets: Step-by-Step Growing: Part 3 - Mediums, Water & Nutrients

Just starting to grow? Our marijuana cultivation expert, Nico Escondido, is here to help.

Mexico Issues First Permits for Marijuana Under Court Ruling

The Mexican government on Friday granted the first permits allowing the cultivation and possession of marijuana for personal use.

Pot Matters: How Cultivation Killed Prohibition

Following the Paraquat scare of the late 1970s, Americans began to grow cannabis in the United States—initially in California, Oregon and Hawaii. In response, the DEA began a concerted effort to eradicate U.S. grown cannabis with an aggressive program, the Domestic ...

The Felony Equation Police Use to Bust Marijuana Cultivators

There are additional issues when it comes to mounting a defense to unfounded felony cultivation charges, when it comes to the issue of personal cultivation. But the felony equation goes to the heart of the problem with marijuana laws, and it’s more than police offic...

Jorge's Cannabis Encyclopedia: Ensure Female Seedlings

Renowned cannabis expert Jorge Cervantes reveals sure-fire tips to ensure female seedlings in your marijuana garden.



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