High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

Outdoor Grow

Ditch Harmful Fertilizers For This Cheap and Organic Source of Nitrogen

Instead of adding synthetic fertilizers to your grow year after year, try out this organic method that will save you money and water in the short and long terms. Take advantage of one of nature’s best sources of free nitrogen fertilizer: the legume-Rhizobia symbioti...

Grow Hack: Benefits of Using Cover Crops for Green Manure

Outdoor cannabis gardens lie at the mercy of the elements, and risk contaminating their surrounding environment with fertilizers and herbicides. Before you use chemicals on the farm, make sure to take advantage of nature itself for cheap and naturally farmed outdoor canna...

The Big Grow Debate: Which Is Better, Indoor or Outdoor Pot?

Inside the great growing debate.

Grow Organic: Soil Amendments to Avoid

Cannabis demands high amounts of nitrogen, and though your organic fertilizers and compost teas supply more than enough, losses occur at every step of the way. Don’t throw away your nitrogen; learn to protect this relatively volatile nutrient for unhindered growth d...

Grow Hack: How to Build an Insect Hotel to Avoid Toxic Pesticides

What is an insect hotel? Just like a simple brush pile can make a habitat for beneficial insects, an insect hotel does the same for gardens located in places that are less-than-natural. By attracting beneficial insects you can reduce the use of expensive and toxic pestici...



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