High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

Russ Belville

Radical Rant: 10 States Voting on Marijuana Reform

We are less than 20 weeks away from the 2016 election. While most people are focused on the race for president, here at HIGH TIMES we’re excited that fully one-fifth of the United States will be voting on either medical marijuana or legalization. 

Radical Rant: Big Rehab Needs Marijuana Prohibition to Survive

There have now been 10 straight national polls that have shown majority support for marijuana legalization. As public opinion switches to our side, our opponents are forced to reconfigure their strategy.  

Radical Rant: Geez, Pot is So Lame!

Simply put, in the past 20 years or so, teenagers are drinking less, smoking less and, yes, toking less, too.  

Radical Rant: Marijuana—The Worst Drug Ever!

Every rule prohibitionists comes up with to deny marijuana is a rule the public is willing to overlook for every other drug out there that is far more dangerous to the user and society than marijuana.  

Radical Rant: National Legalization Strategies Leaving Activists Hanging

Last week, we saw another move forward for marijuana reform in America. The Ohio legislature passed a medical marijuana bill, becoming the 26th state to protect patients from arrest for using cannabis as medicine.  



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