Nourish your skin with these cannabis-infused topicals from the nation’s leading brands! Absorb the healing power of cannabis and apply to bug bites, cuts, bruises, sore muscles, arthritis pain and much more.

Kush Creams
Gig Harbor, Washington
Winner of the Best Product award at the Seattle Cannabis Cup in 2013, these creams are handcrafted in small batches by body care pioneer Megan Schwarting. Browse a full line of diverse body care products including strain-scented creams, chemotherapy shampoos, tinctures and even medicated toothpicks!

Cannabis Basics
Seattle, Washington
Created by activist Ah Warner, these healing topicals include lotions, massage oil, foot salve, lip butter, pain sticks and soothing tattoo aftercare.

Empower Oil
Portland, Oregon
A new business from Trista Okel, this pain-relieving oil is conveniently applied with a roll-on so you can “put it where it hurts.”

Tree Lotions
Santa Cruz, CA
This fledgling business is expanding quickly, with products available in the San Francisco and San Jose areas. Made with kief, this soothing lotion comes in a variety of scents.

Mary’s Medicinals
Denver, Colorado
This nutraceutical company specializes in transdermal THC patches for healing relief. Their newest product includes an isolated CBD compound intended for those suffering from various types of cancer, inflammation and skin conditions.

Doc Green’s
San Francisco, CA
Heralded as a “revolution in pain relief,” this cream is created by a collective of Orthodox Jews who have converted many seniors into cannabis activists. When Doc Green’s founder accepted the award for Best Non-Edible Medically Infused Product at the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup in 2013, he brought his elderly mother onstage to share in the glory.

Denver, Colorado
The most popular topical product in the newly legal Colorado marketplace, Apothecanna offers three options: pain relief, calming and stimulating, in slickly designed packaging.

Mary Jane’s Medicinals
Telluride, Colorado
Offering a pain relief salve, lotion, massage oil, “lip bong,” and heavenly hash bath, this small business is run by dedicated cannabis activist Dahlia Mertens, who handcrafts every batch from scratch!

Xternal Topical Spray
Washington State & California
Featuring balms, topical spray, mud masks and bath soaks, these healing products provide a low level of cannabis to soften and rejuvenate skin.

Granny Greenleaf
San Francisco, California
Granny Greenleaf’s 420 Herbal Balm is intended for healing pain and inflammation, and is created by Granny from beeswax from her home hives.


Learn how to make a topical for yourself! Here's a scrub recipe from Cannabis Basics.

Cannabis Basics Lemon Dream Sugar Scrub Recipe

8 oz oil blend (Ah uses apricot, almond, grape seed, walnut, hazelnut, and olive oils)
3.5 cups white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 oz Fertile Hemp Seed Oil
1.5 cups vegetable glycerin
30 milliliter aloe gel
2.5 ml vitamin E
2.5 ml vitamin C
2.5 ml Lavender essential oil
6 ml Lemon essential oil

Start by mixing your combination of oils in a large mixing bowl. Add the sugars and mix thoroughly until combined. Add the hempseed oil, glycerin and aloe gel to combine. Finally, add the vitamins E, C and essential oils and mix until product resembles the consistency of cookie dough. Spoon your sugar scrub into small opaque containers.

This recipe yields 16 oz of finished product. Use sparingly all over your body including face. It will leave your skin smooth and glowing. This sugar scrub is oily, so be careful when using it in the shower.