High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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HIGH TIMES Medical Marijuana Magazine: Issue #4

What if we told you raw cannabis juice can save your life? HIGH TIMES Medical Marijuana Magazine investigates that claim in our latest issue, including an inside look at the miraculous recovery one young woman credits to overcoming her body’s natural ca...

23rd HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup - Strain Entries

Click here for a complete list of the 23rd HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup winners.

Miss HIGH TIMES - Body Paint

Miss HIGH TIMES Brittany Wagoner wanted to give us a special cheer when we reached our 420th issue. So she had herself body painted into a special uniform with a special number!

The 420th Collector's Issue

A marijuana magazine milestone almost forty years in the making, HIGH TIMES proudly presents our 420th Issue! This special collector’s edition features an investigation into the historical roots of today’s top Kush strains, a behind the scenes look at our 1976 ...

HIGH TIMES Interview: Asher Roth

HIGH TIMES Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko discusses California's Proposition 19, the War on Drugs and political activism with rapper Asher Roth.

Zach Galifianakis Lights Up on Bill Maher

In the middle of a panel discussion about California's Proposition 19 on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, actor Zach Galifianakis weighed in by pulling out a joint and lighting it up on air.

Grow Like a Pro with Nico Escondido - Field Report #3

Grow Like a Pro with Nico Escondido is due out in the spring of 2011 and offers a fresh take on the acclaimed HIGH TIMES cultivation DVDs of old. Keep checking back as Nico and the crew post bonus footage from the road. Their journey will take them through some of the best ...



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
A company calling itself High Times Travel LLC (hightimestravel.com) has illegally infringed on the HIGH TIMES trademark to sell travel packages for the upcoming US Cup in Seattle.

This company is not affiliated with HIGH TIMES Magazine in any way. If you have purchased a travel package from High Times Travel LLC please contact HIGH TIMES immediately by emailing us at travelcomplaint@hightimes.com