High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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Guide to Drying and Curing / Top Glass 2010

Attention all herb smokers, ditch that dirty old bong and head to your local newsstand now for a look inside HIGH TIMES annual Top Glass special issue. Featuring photos of the best new tubes, bowls, pipes, and out of this world smokeable glass art, premiere glassblower Jerom...

Snoop Dogg on Priority Records

Snoop Dogg talks about Priority and what how it influenced his carrer.

Adam and the THSeeds Rocket

Adam of Hempworks and THSeeds gave a seminar at the [link|http://cannabiscup.com|22nd High Times Cannabis Cup] and talked about his history in Amsterdam, the importance of male plants, alternatives to butane, Rick Simpson's place in hash oil history, and advances in cannabis...

Grow Tips from Erik of Advanced Nutrients

Erik of Advanced Nutrients knows his way around a marijuana grow room. Here is a ten-minute excerpt taken from an hour-long seminar he did at the 22nd High Times Cannabis Cup.

Soma Grow Secrets

At the 22nd Cannabis Cup, Soma gave an enlightening lecture that revealed many of his most popular techniques for cultivating cannabis, including an introduction to memetics, super-cropping, feminized seeds, using silver cream to fight stem rot, and finger hash.

David Bienenstock, Pot Expert & High Times Magazine Editor

As the Senior Editor of High Times Magazine, David Bienenstock has traveled the world writing about marijuana. He has interviewed everyone from growers to dealers to prisoners to politicians, which means he knows just about everything there is to know about pot. David is th...



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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