High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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Santana Says: Mr. President, Please Legalize Marijuana

Rock icon Carlos Santana offers up an “intense invitation” for President Obama to offer some real change: Legalize marijuana and invest the savings in education. He also takes a "pot shot" at Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger... Hey Carlos, please get in touch with ...

HIGH TIMES 420 Party

Want to party with HIGH TIMES in New York City? Well, here's your chance! This April 20th, come join the staff of HIGH TIMES and some of the hottest ganja gals in America as we celebrate the high holiday in style, and crown our sexy new "smokesmodel" at the first ever Offici...

World Stoner Games 2009

Compete in the World Stoner Games for a chance at a free trip to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam this November.

Students Protest Police over Marijuana Shooting

College students in Michigan, and across the country, have been loudly demonstrating against the near fatal shooting of Grand Valley State University undergrad Derek Copp, who was shot in the chest during a police raid that netted a “teaspoon full” of marijuana. ...

Bill Maher Takes on Obama's Pot Diss

America's loudest and proudest pothead, Bill Maher, reminds President Obama to treat cannabis consumers with respect. Salman Rushdie agrees. Mos Def suggests that Obama should have said: "I got some weed on me right now."

Obama Addresses Legalizing Marijuana During Town Hall Meeting

With the economy crumbling, the argument to legalize and tax the nation’s number one cash crop is more popular than ever. Unfortunately, during the first online White House town hall meeting, President Obama addressed the issue by flatly stating, “No, I donâ€...

DEA Raids a Cannabis Dispensary

A week after the Attorney General defended state-sanctioned medical marijuana, federal agents raid a cannabis collective in San Francisco. Angry protestors filled the street outside Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco on Wednesday, chanting “DEA: Go A...



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