High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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Origins of Hip Hop with Busy Bee Starski

Where did the name "hip hop" come from? Back in 1982, Afrika Bambaataa told me it came from Love Bug Starski, but I recently found out that it actually started with Cowboy and Billy's going-away jam. Busy Bee will be a celebrity judge at the 23rd High Times Cannabis Cup in A...

Step by Step Hydrotech / Cannabis Cup 22

Once again, our Cannabis Cups runneth over this time with our exclusive coverage of the 22nd Annual HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Make the ultimate pilgrimage to the epicenter of marijuana freedom with our all new April issue, featuring all the best pot, hash, gear,...

Grandmaster Caz remembers Crazy Eddie

The Great Cocaine Epidemic hit hip hop in the eighties and took out a bunch of the first generation, although many have rebounded since. Grandmaster Caz was a leading rapper and dj who began as a break dancer and graffiti writer. He is the one of the few first-generation to ...

Cannabis Breeders DNA Genetics Speak Out

Over the past few years, DNA has emerged as a major power in the complex world of Amsterdam marijuana cultivation. Aaron and Don, the two founders, discuss their favorite way to make hash, their methods for breeding selection and the importance of real seeds versus feminized...

Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie Trailer

Coming sooner, or later, to a theater near you.

Topher Grace Interview

Topher tells a story about a breath strip that made lava flow out of the back of his head. From the Lopez Tonight show.

Medical Marijuana News and Reviews

Since 1974, HIGH TIMES magazine has reported on marijuana in all its aspects and wonders, covering this most fascinating plant, and the people who love it, with an eye towards politics, cultivation, connoisseurship, culture, travel, activism, and advocacy. Now, for the first...



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