High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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Artery coming back to the Cup?

Artery has performed at the High Times Cannabis Cup more times than any other band. This song was performed at the Melkweg at the 15th Cannabis Cup. We hope to see Yanko and the boys back at the 22nd Cup this Thanksgiving.

Ina May Gaskin enters the Counterculture Hall of Fame

Founder of the modern midwife movement, Ina May Gaskin runs one of the world's best birthing centers in Summertown, Tennessee. She was the first living person inducted into the High Times Counterculture Hall of Fame, a ceremony that took place at the 13th Cannabis Cup in Ams...

The Beat Generation enters the Counterculture Hall of Fame

Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs were inducted into the High Times Counterculture Hall of Fame in 1999. Paul Krassner, Robert Anton Wilson, Stephen and Ina May Gaskin, and Neal's wife, Carolyn, and son, John, participated.

Viper Kings in the Counterculture Hall of Fame

Louis Armstrong and Mezz Mezzrow were the second and third inductees into the Counterculture Hall of Fame, a ceremony held every year at the Cannabis Cup. Their inductions took place in 1998, and were attended by Milton Mezzrow Jr., John Sinclair, Jack Bradley and New Orlean...

HIGH TIMES PRESENTS: Master Grower's Guide

Our latest HIGH TIMES "best of" issue features massive marijuana plants and tips for small-scale growers. Our cultivation reporters also pay a visit to top Canadian seed breeders and a New Age ganja farm in Northern California, where the best outdoor organic growers on Earth...

Bob Marley and the Counterculture Hall of Fame

In 1997, Bob Marley became the first inductee into the High Times Counterculture Hall of Fame in a ceremony at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Rita Marley, Ras Menilik, Chef RA and Rocker T were among the celebrities who participated in the ceremony.

Pot Sumo at the Cannabis Cup

Pot Sumo is just one of many colorful characters who make the annual pilgrimmage to the Cannabis Cup with a keen sense of counterculture spirituality.



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